Come Together

Pictures: Teresa Pacheco Miranda


Here’s a list of what I’m happy to help you with:

Online Cooking Workshop

straight from the van, into your home! Online we cook together a delicious, vegan menu and I show you how versatile the vegan kitchen is. I am also happy to support you in your dietary change. Especially in the beginning it is often helpful to know how to transform classic dishes into delicious vegan alternatives.

Event cooking

Delicious tapas, fancy bowls and healthy desserts for your retreat, your birthday party, your wedding and best for all celebrations! I will accompany your event with vegan delicacies.

Nutritional Advice For Your Four Legged Friend

You are vegan and want to serve your dog the best nutrients, too? I will help you with the execution! Together we create a species-appropriate nutrition plan and you will get all insights in vegan dog feeding.

Recipe Development & Food Photography

With creativity and attention to details, i support you in developing and styling exclusive recipes. As we all known: you eat with your eyes first. Of course, great photos of the delicacies should not be missing.